C.S.J. Equine Dental Services - Steven M. Purse EqDT   302-593-7669
I provide Equine Dental Care in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  I will also work in surrounding states and with your Veterinarian.
C.S.J. Equine Dental Services
csjequinedental@verizon.netI graduated from The American School Of Equine Dentistry instructed by Dr. Raymond Hyde, DVM.  I grew up with family horses and I was a Mounted Patrol Officer for a Police Department in Delaware. I provide full service Equine Dentistry at an affordable Price.  I provide Dental Care for all breeds of horses including Riding Horses, Driving Horses, Work Horses and Race Horses, from Miniatures to Drafts.  I am licensed at Delaware Park and other area race tracks.  I also do demonstrations at Horse Camps, Pony Clubs, Rescue Facilities, Horse Shows and Events. During the demonstrations I discuss the importance of Equine Dental care and what a  Horse Dentist does to help your horse.  
     My Performance Float includes: Bit Seats, Wolf Teeth, Normal Size Ramp and Hook Correction, Arcade Wave Correction, Basic Re-balancing, Cap and Fragment Removal, Tarter Removal, Incisor Correction and other Malocclusion Corrections at no additional cost.  In extreme cases I will discuss the price with you prior to the work.  
Services Offered
-Enamel Point Removal
-Cap Extraction
-Hook Removal
-Ramp Correction
-Wave Correction
-Step Correction
-Bit Seats
-Wolf Teeth
-Molar Extraction
-Incisor Extraction
-Incisor Reduction
-Incisor Re-alignment
-Canine Reduction
-Tarter Removal
-Protuberant Tooth
-Balance and Re-alignment
  of the Molar Arcade.
Steven M. Purse EqDT
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